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Oomi Home - Lighting Starter Kit

Oomi Home - Lighting Starter Kit

Get off to a great start with the Oomi Home smart home starter kit.

See what’s happening at home from anywhere in the world, day or night. Control your entertainment system and lighting from Oomi Touch. Begin automating your house for comfort.

  • Prevent Break-Ins
  • Security Camera with Night Vision
  • Advanced Control Tablet
  • Automatic Smart Lighting
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Smart Power Control
  • Security Alarm

Looking to bring your home into the connected age but don't know where to begin? Oomi breaks through all the confusion and offers smart home in a box. Our super simple Tap-and-Touch setup ensures anyone can bring their home into the modern age - no matter your home's age or if you even own a home at all. And usually in about five minutes or less.

The Oomi home starter kit gives you a little bit of everything a smart home needs. Security, entertainment control, lighting and ambiance, automation and remote monitoring. When you're ready to expand, any Oomi smart device can be added to your system with a simple tap. And if you want to take your existing "smart" products you already own further, Oomi seamlessly integrates with Philips Hue, Nest Thermostats, and Amazon Alexa.  You can also expand your system by adding other Z-Wave enabled devices to your Oomi smart home.

With our unique "no phone needed" control, you will always have control over your smart devices, even without WiFi. But connect to the cloud, and you'll have easy control and be able to check in on home through iOS and Android apps from anywhere in the world.

Ready for where you are

Wherever you live, Oomi is right at home.  We'll automatically ship you the correct plug type and frequency for your country or region.

 The Oomi Home Starter Kit Includes:

  • Oomi Cube
  • Oomi Touch
  • Infinity Dock
  • Oomi Bulb (2x)
  • Oomi Plug
  • Magnetic Camera Lens Cover

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