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Six sensors in one. 

  • Wireless or wired
  • Discrete size - just about 2" square
  • Can be mounted, placed, or recessed
  • Tap-and-Touch ready for instant pairing to Oomi
  • Z-Wave Plus - also works with compatible Z-Wave gateways

    The Oomi MultiSensor might just be the perfect accessory. Capable of monitoring and reporting across six different parameters it can be used for security, automation, monitoring, or general information. Increase your home security and get notified if something suspicious happens or use MultiSensor to automate your preferences. Have lights illuminate as it gets dark and turn off when you’re not around.

    Oomi MultiSensor can be operated wirelessly up to 1.5 years with two CR-123 batteries or you can use the supplied USB cable to provide continuous hardwired power. Place it on a shelf or window sill, mount it on the wall or ceiling with the included bracket, or recess it with a compatible recessor bracket.

    Motion Sensor
    Use motion to secure and automate your home. Have lights turn on when you enter a room. Detects a filed of view of 100º from up to 16 feet away with adjustable sensitivity to avoid false alarms.

    Temperature Sensor
    Keep your home comfortable. Have Oomi turn up the heat whenever a room gets too cold. Measures 32ºf (brrrrr) -104ºf (Yikes!) (0ºc -40ºc)

    Humidity Sensor
    Have your air conditioner or humidifier turn on if your home becomes too dry. Measures relative humidity range of 20-80%

    Ambient Light Sensor
    Use the ambient light sensor to automate your lighting. Have bulbs brighten as rooms get darker. Measures a light range of 0-30000 Lux 

    Ultraviolet Ray Sensor
    Monitor for damaging UV rays entering your home to protect valuables and furniture. Detects 1-11 Index level

    Vibration Sensor
    Can detect and report seismic events and also functions as a tamper notification.

    Package Includes:

    • Oomi MultiSensor
    • Mount
    • Power Cable

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    EAN: 6923060102283