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Door / Window Sensor

Door / Window Sensor

Know when something is opened or closed. 

  • Unique design doesn't detract from architectural elements
  • Rechargeable battery - lasts up to two years and approx 20 min to fully charge
  • Paintable - virtually invisible
  • Tap-and-Touch for instant pairing to Oomi
  • Z-Wave Plus - Works with compatible Z-Wave hubs

    Our Oomi Door/Window Sensor literally changes the game for home security and automation. The unique shape and low profile ensure a more attractive application and when painted it's  nearly invisible. 

    With the Door/Window Sensor, you don't have to choose security over convenience because this one device accomplishes both. Have lights turn on automatically when you enter a room, set an alarm when a cabinet is opened, get notified when people come and go. And don't let the name fool you, it's perfect for garages, cabinets, cupboard, jewelry boxes, and just about anything that you open and close. 

    Package Includes:

    • Oomi Door and Window Sensor
    • Mounting bracket
    • Charging Cable

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    EAN: 6923060102467

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