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Illuminate your life.


  • Over 16 feet of amazing color and bright or warm white light
  • Up to 5000 lumens - more LEDs per foot
  • Trim to size
  • Adhesive backing to mount anywhere
  • Tap-and-Touch ready to pair instantly
  • Z-Wave Plus - also works with compatible Z-Wave gateways

    Oomi ColorStrip Pro provides the ultimate in lighting flexibility. Transform your home by creating a striking effect for any occasion or purpose. Put it under kitchen cabinets, in coves, behind headboards, or anywhere your imagination takes you. Adjust its color to change the atmosphere of a room or use to white lights to add needed illumination to dark areas.

    Use the app or Oomi Touch to select and create light patterns or create automated actions to have your lights come on when its dark or when motion is detected. One of our favorites is to put ColorStrip under a bed or bathroom cabinet. If motion is detected in the middle of the night, ColorStrip can automatically illuminate to a dim red or orange to light the way without causing eye strain.

    ColorStrip is high-grade lighting. Simply put, it's about the LEDs. Ours has 36 LED every 12 inches. 9 RGB, 9 Bright White, and 9 Warm White. That's awesome. 

    Package Includes:

    • Oomi ColorStrip
    • Power Adapter
    • Control Unit

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    EAN: 6923060101927